Human Interest Story

Written by Stephen Sachs (author of Bakersfield Mist)
Directed by Stephen Sachs
Produced by Simon Levy, James Bennett, Deborah Culver
Starring Tanya Alexander, Richard Azurdia, Aleisha Force, James Harper, Matt Kirkwood, Rob Nagle, Tarina Pouncy

Feb 15 – April 5, 2020

A TIMELY NEW PLAY…  thought-provoking… will grab your attention and keep you at the edge of your seatTanya Alexander’s magnificent ability to morph herself… Rob Nagle commands the stage from start to finish… video projections brilliantly created … Compelling!” – Shari Barrett, BroadwayWorld

A PLAY FOR OUR TIMESAN ENSEMBLE CAST OF PROTEAN ACTORS… Playwright/director Stephen Sachs keeps the action brisk, while allowing for moments of emotional confusion [with] multiple complications that rocket the action into unexpected heights… The Fountain Theatre has pulled out all the stops.” — Paul Myrvold, Theatre Notes

FOCUSES WITH LASER INTENSITY ON SEVERAL KEY ISSUES THAT ARE ROILING CONTEMPORARY CONSCIOUSNESS… It’s truly amazing what magic can materialize on such a small, sparsely furnished stage, but the Fountain manages to do it every time. This production is no exception.  For topicality, script, production and acting, any human theatergoer with a heart and brain would have great interest in this story. It’s very human. It’s profoundly interesting. And it is a great story… Advisory to producers outside L.A.: Get ahold of this play and get it up on your stage ASAP!” – Eric A. Gordon, People’s World

SMART AND INSIGHTFUL… a slickly mounted, extremely polished production with a cast and design elements that conspire perfectly to make it sing. Sachs’ striking direction is highly kinetic… Human Interest Story has the makings of being an extremely important new work.” — Travis Michael Holder, TicketHoldersLA

A TAUT, THOUGHT-PROVOKING 150-MINUTE THRILL RIDE that takes on the tyranny of corporations… one helluva cast with scenes so riveting that you want to freeze them forever… Sachs’s play succeeds with pure, unadulterated drama… Sachs tackles homelessness, women’s issues, greed and more in ways that resonate because it’s about the universality of the characters, not the issues… couldn’t be more highly recommended.” — Tony Frankel, Stage and Cinema

A MUST SEE WORLD PREMIERE… an examination of a very real issue that effects us all. It plays out dramatically and emotionally… a lively cast… truly amazing projections by Matthew Hill… Hopefully, as with Sachs’s earlier efforts, his message flies beyond its comfortable nest on Fountain.” — Michael Sheehan, On Stage Los Angeles

THOUGHT-PROVOKING… cleverly weaves many of today’s urban issues into this tale about doing all the wrong things for the right reasons… the talented cast keep the impact escalating… an expose of many of the crises we face today, including poverty, race, burgeoning social media, public opinion shapers, and raw, unbridled political power… a timely – and often incendiary – look at life in America today.” — Elaine Mura, LA Splash

AN INSPIRED IDEA … addresses the economic collapse of American journalism… Under Sachs’ direction, Tanya Alexander is equally compelling as Betty and as Jane Doe. Andy is played by Rob Nagle, who delivers solid work in a different new play just about every three months, or so it seems… Sachs has cooked the ingredients into a bubbling boil.” – Don Shirley, LA Observed

A THOROUGH CATALOG OF THE CRISES OF OUR TIME… Sachs aligns himself here with polemical writers such as Ibsen and Shaw, who used the stage as a platform for social criticism… talented cast and inventive design team… The production looks and sounds spiffy… gorgeous.” – Margaret Gray, Los Angeles Times

“With his STUNNING WORLD PREMIERE presentation of Human Interest Story at the Fountain Theatre, playwright and director Stephen Sachs stitches together issues deeply affecting American society, delivering them with a witty edge and kinetic punch that thrilled the audience the night we attended.” – Dick Price and Sharon Kyle, Hollywood Progressive

“Multiple-award-winning playwright Stephen Sachs is AN EXTRAORDINARY WORDSMITH. He explores his passions consistently and succinctly and expresses them from his own compassionate perspective. And he chooses and directs some of the finest actors on the planet to deliver his thoughts… at Los Angeles’ celebrated Fountain Theater.” — Cynthia Citron, Santa Monica Daily Press

POWERFUL … Tanya Alexander is remarkable … actors play multiple roles. All are excellent … astutely addresses one of today’s most pressing concerns from multiple angles with insight and grace.” – Laura Foti Cohen, Larchmont Buzz

SUPERB… interesting and well-thought-out… A superb cast brings realism to the production… HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.” — Carol Kaufman Segal, Carol’s Culture Corner

“[Human Interest Story] is ‘Exhibit A’ as to why the venerable Fountain Theatre, now celebrating its 30th anniversary, remains a powerful force to be reckoned with on the L.A. stage scene… has probably the most extensive multi-media stagecraft I’ve ever seen in an intimate theater production. Matthew G. Hill’s bravura video design conjures up the brave new virtual world of cable television, social media and beyond.” — Ed Rampell, Hollywood Progressive

World Premiere – Newspaper columnist Andy Kramer is laid off when a corporate takeover downsizes the City Chronicle. In retaliation, Andy fabricates a letter to his column from an imaginary homeless woman named “Jane Doe” who announces she will kill herself on the 4th of July because of the heartless state of the world. When the letter goes viral, Andy is forced to hire a homeless woman to stand-in as the fictitious Jane Doe. She becomes an overnight internet sensation and a national women’s movement is ignited.


Tickets on sale now. (NO SHOW on Monday, March 23rd)

Show Program


March 19 7pm – Screening of Struggle in Paradise by Stuart Perlman
Dare to see! Break the barrier! Open your heart!
Struggle in Paradise is the gripping story of the skyrocketing number of homeless people living and dying on the streets of Los Angeles. Stuart Perlman, Ph.D., through portraiture, chronicles his journey into the world of homeless individuals.

Reserve Now

For more information, please contact: France-Luce Benson, 323-663-1525 x.306,

March 1st, 4:30 – Post-show discussion with the cast and playwright/director.

March 8th, 1pm – Pre-show – Meet the Artist: Stuart Perlman, whose Faces of Homelessness portrait project has been exhibited throughout Los Angeles, covered on Public Radio (KPCC), and featured the Los Angeles Times. His art be on display at The Fountain for the duration of the run.

March 15th, 4:30pm – Post-show discussion with Advocates of L.A.’s Homeless Community, featuring Panelists Anthony Conley of Covenant House; and John Billingsley of Hollywood Food Coalition.

March 22nd, 4:30pm – Post-show discussion: The Future of Journalism in America – Panelists TBD

March 29th, 5pm Sunday Supper at The Center in Hollywood – 6636 Selma AveJoin us at The Center in Hollywood where the Fountain will host one of their monthly “Supper Sunday” dinners. Following the performance, we will head to The Center where we will prepare (or purchase), serve, set up, and clean up after a meal. The most important aspect of Supper Sunday is that WE will dine WITH the individuals we are serving. Sharing a meal is a beautiful opportunity for the housed and unhoused members of our community to gain greater understanding, empathy, and connection. If you wish to participate, please contact our Community Engagement Coordinator:

Feb 12th – April 5th: Donation Drive for our Homeless Community Members

Throughout the run of Human Interest Story the Fountain will accept donations to be distributed to various Homeless Organizations in our community; including:
Covenant House
Hollywood Food Coalition
K Town for All
LGBT Center
The Center in Hollywood

Items most needed are:
(toilet paper; wet wipes; toothpaste/toothbrushes; mouthwash; body wash)
Feminine products (sanitary pads, tampons)
Gently Used Clothing (especially winter clothing, socks, shoes)
Men’s and Women’s Underwear
(new, all sizes)

Bins will be set up in front of the theatre before the show (7-8pm; 1-2pm) and collected items will be distributed on a weekly basis to a variety of organizations. You need not have a ticket to the show to bring donations. All are welcome!

Human Interest Story


Producing Underwriters: Peter Glenville Foundation – David & Mary Jo Volk – Laurel & Robert Silton – Lois Tandy – Toby & Daniel Bernstein

Creative/Production Team: Stephen Sachs, Playwright/Director (author of Bakersfield Mist); Matthew Hill, Video/Sets; Jennifer Edwards, Lights; Peter Bayne, Original Music/Sound; Shon Le Blanc, Costumes; Diahann McCrary, Photography Hair/Makeup; Michael Allen Angel, Props; Scott Tuomey, Technical Director; Emily Lehrer, Production Stage Manager; Nura Ferdowsi, Asst. Stage Manager


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