Daniel’s Husband

Written by Michael McKeever
Directed by Simon Levy
Produced by James Bennett, Deborah Culver, Stephen Sachs
Starring Bill Brochtrup, Tim Cummings, Jose Fernando, Ed Martin, and Jenny O’Hara

May 1 – July 28, 2019

Southern California Premiere

Michael McKeever’s witty, passionate, and deeply moving play takes an unflinching look at how we choose to tie the knot — or not. Daniel and Mitchell are the perfect couple. Perfect house, perfect friends — even a mother who wants them married. They’d have the perfect wedding too, except that Mitchell doesn’t believe in gay marriage. A turn of events puts their perfect life in jeopardy, and Mitchell is thrust into a future in which even his love may not be enough. Daniel’s Husband is a bold reflection on love, commitment, and family in our perilous new world.

Starring Bill BrochtrupTim Cummings, Jose Fernando, Ed Martin, and Jenny O’Hara; directed by Simon Levy.

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EXTENDED! thru July 28th

Fridays 8pm; Saturdays 2pm & 8pm; Sundays 2pm; and, Mondays 8pm are Pay-What-You-Want

After June 24th, performances will be: Saturdays 8pm; Sundays 2pm; and Mondays 8pm are Pay-What-You-Want

Ticket Prices: $45 Premium; $40 Regular; $35 Senior; $25 Student


Forever Flamenco: Meditación Flamenca

Directed by Wendy Castellanos
Produced by Deborah Culver
Starring Vanessa Albalos, Wendy Castellanos, Misuda Cohen, Gerardo Morales, Antonio de Jerez, Edgardo Monserrat, Antonio Triana

Forever Flamenco: Meditación Flamenca
Sunday, July 28 8pm.
Director/Baile: Wendy Castellanos
Guitar: Antonio Triana
Cajon & Guitar: Gerardo Morales
Baile: Misuda Cohen
Baile: Vanessa Albalos
Cante: Antonio de Jerez
Visual/Performance Artist: Edgardo Monserrat

Hannah and the Dread Gazebo

Written by Jiehae Park
Directed by Jennifer Chang
Produced by The Fountain Theatre in association with East West Players
Producing Underwriters: Lorraine Evanoff, Laurel and Robert Silton
Starring Hahn Cho, Monica Hong, Elaine Kao, Wonjung Kim, Gavin Lee, Jully Lee

Low-Price Previews Aug. 13-15
Opens Sat. Aug. 17
Runs thru Sun. Sept. 22
Fridays at 8, Saturdays at 2 and 8, Sundays at 2, and Pay What You Want Mondays at 8.

Tickets on sale now.

Hannah is two weeks away from becoming a board-certified neurologist when she receives a strange Fedex package from her grandmother in faraway Korea. Inside are two things: a bona-fide-heart’s-desire wish, and a suicide note. The mystery sends Hannah and her family on a surreal, funny, and poignant journey back to their roots in North/South Korea and the forbidden Demilitarized Zone that divides them. This startling new comedy about mothers, daughters and granddaughters twists together a strange series of events within one little family to explore generational shifts, opposing worldviews, fantasy and reality, and the mystery of human experience.