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Written by Zayd Dohrn
Directed by Simon Levy
Produced by Stephen Sachs and Deborah Lawlor
Starring Kristin Carey, Ryan Doucette, Joanna Strapp

January 21 – March 15, 2015

Fountain Theatre Rapid Dev Series

Local playwright play development series.

Mondays @ 7



Forever Flamenco feat. Juan Bacán & Kina Mendez

Directed by Ethan Margolis
Produced by Deborah Lawlor
Starring Juan Bacan, Kina Mendez, Oscar Valero, Melissa Cruz, Ethan Margolis

2-8-15 8:00

Juan Bacan – singer
Kina Mendez – singer/dancer
Oscar Valero – dancer
Melissa Cruz – dancer
Ethan Margolis – guitar/artistic director

Forever Flamenco by Antonio Triana & Company

Directed by Antonio Triana
Produced by Deborah Lawlor
Starring Antonio Triana, Fanny Ara, Manuel Gutierrez, Bianca Rodriguez, Andrés Vadín, José Cortes, Antonio De Jerez, Joey Heredia

3-15-15 8:00

Dancers: Fanny Ara, Manuel Gutierrez, Bianca Rodriguez
Guitarists: Andrés Vadín and Antonio Triana
Singers: José Cortes and Antonio De Jerez
Percussion-Cajón: Joey Heredia

I And You

Written by Lauren Gunderson
Directed by Robin Larsen
Produced by Stephen Sachs, Deborah Lawlor