Daniel’s Husband

Written by Michael McKeever
Directed by Simon Levy
Produced by James Bennett, Deborah Culver, Stephen Sachs
Starring Bill Brochtrup, Tim Cummings, Jose Fernando, Ed Martin, and Jenny O’Hara.

May 1 – June 23, 2019

Southern California Premiere

Michael McKeever’s witty, passionate, and deeply moving play takes an unflinching look at how we choose to tie the knot — or not. Daniel and Mitchell are the perfect couple. Perfect house, perfect friends — even a mother who wants them married. They’d have the perfect wedding too, except that Mitchell doesn’t believe in gay marriage. A turn of events puts their perfect life in jeopardy, and Mitchell is thrust into a future in which even his love may not be enough. Daniel’s Husband is a bold reflection on love, commitment, and family in our perilous new world.

Starring Bill BrochtrupTim Cummings, Jose Fernando, Ed Martin, and Jenny O’Hara; directed by Simon Levy.

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thru June 23rd

Fridays 8pm; Saturdays 2pm & 8pm; Sundays 2pm; and, Mondays 8pm are Pay-What-You-Want

Monsters Are Made Micro Play

Written by Hannah C. Langley
Directed by Miranda Stewart
Produced by JB² & The RDS Team
Starring Whitney Montgomery, Reed Campbell

RDS Season 5 Champion
Staged Reading
Weds May 29 8pm
Thurs May 30 8pm
FREE or CHEAP admission


Forever Flamenco by Reyes Barrios

Directed by Reyes Barrios
Produced by Deborah Culver
Starring Antonio Triana, Ben Woods, Arleen Hurtado, Reyes Barrios, Juan de Dios, Briseyda Zarate

Forever Flamenco by Reyes Barrios
5/26/19 8pm

Dancers: Arleen Hurtado, Reyes Barrios
Singers: Juan de Dios, Reyes Barrios
Guitarists: Antonio Triana, Ben Woods

Walking The Beat

In partnership with Elizabeth Youth Theater Ensemble and Hollywood Police Activities League, The Fountain Theatre proudly introduces Walking the Beat, a summer theater arts based program for inner city high school youth and police officers in the Hollywood area.

Body Beautiful

Written by Leigh Curran
Directed by John Achorn
Starring Alex Alpharaoh, Leigh Curran, Geoffrey Rivas, Marcelo Tubert

June 5 8pm, June 6 8pm
June 12 8pm, June 13 8pm
Thayer, a psychotherapist, and Emma, a massage therapist, met in college, married and divorced in their mid-thirties when Thayer realized he was gay. Over time they became best friends. The play begins when they are 70 and single and decide to move back in together to see each other through their old age. Emma has never really fallen out of love with Thayer but she does her best to hide it until Thayer and one of his patients, Noel, a Mexican-American transman fall in love throwing sexual orientation, gender identity and true love into question for all concerned.