Monsters Are Made Micro Play

Written by Hannah C. Langley
Directed by Miranda Stewart
Produced by JB² & The RDS Team
Starring Whitney Montgomery, Reed Campbell

Monsters Art

RDS Season 5 Champion
Staged Reading
Weds May 29 8pm
Thurs May 30 8pm
FREE or CHEAP admission

Monsters Are Made
by Hannah C. Langley
directed by Miranda Stewart
featuring Whitney Montgomery & Reed Campbell
When Hunter, her rapist and former friend, forces his way back into her life a year after he’s declared not guilty in the court of public opinion, Ricki is faced with a difficult set of questions—what does it take to atone for this sin, is it even possible and how far is she willing go to find out?


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Hannah C. Langley is an emerging playwright, screen and television writer from Valencia, California. Her plays approach political topics on a personal scale. With a mix of magic and modern technology, Langley creates protagonists who are young, female-identifying, and on the verge of finding themselves. While obtaining her MFA in Dramatic Writing at USC, Hannah’s work was chosen and featured twice (now three times, thanks all!) by the Fountain Theatre’s Rapid Development Series. Her thesis play, Losing My Religion (in 140 Characters or Less), received a workshop production at USC, staged readings at Cypress College and the Pasadena Playhouse, and was recorded as a podcast by At the Table: A Play Reading Series, featuring Broadway’s Abby Church, Max Crumm, Aneesh Sheth, and Tony nominee Isabel Keating. The play has since earned semifinalist status in both The Road and Sanguine Theatre NYC’s summer play festivals. Find her work on New Play Exchange. Or, slip into Hannah’s DMs on Twitter (@HannahCLangley) and she’ll send you some samples!

emot-allears So Hannah, what lead you to writing Monsters Are Made?

After years of telling the story of my own “bad experience” with a former friend in a hotel room as a short comic anecdote, I realized that it was anything but funny. It was terrifying, but the only way I could process that level of betrayal for a long time was by rewriting it, sanitizing it, making it into something you could talk about at a party. What I really needed to do (and what I’ve tried to do with this play) was keep rewriting it—researching and raising the stakes—until the story wasn’t about what happened to me anymore. It needed to be someone else’s. It needed to be Ricki’s and it needed to be Hunter’s. And, I hope, even though it’s no longer my story, it’s a more truthful one.

Fun Fact: I wore a sports bra to bed until I was 16 just so I’d be prepared on the off chance a dragon or a wizard whisked me away during the night. Questing and flopping boobs do not mix, friends!