Gala Flamenca



Gala Flamenca

Starring Vanessa Albalos, Maria Bermudez, Wendy Castellanos, Manuel Gutierrez, José Cortes, Kai Narezo, Antonio Triana

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Strap on your Flamenco shoes and ready your castanets for our HUGE year-end closing performance. Birthed from a dynamic, collaborative process, Gala Flamenco brings in all the hottest dancers and performers for what promises to be the most scintillating, scrupulous, sensual show you’ll see this Holiday season – guaranteed. Leave the mistletoe at home, you won’t need it after experiencing this breathtaking dance concert. Featuring Maria “Cha Cha” Bermudez, fresh in from Spain, Flamenco legend and world-wide superstar. Manuel Gutierrez, a powerhouse who needs no introduction, Wendy Castellanos – one of the most beautiful and inspired Flamenco performers around, and Vanessa Albalos who’s grace and and majesty will rend your heart if you’re not careful. This is a huge blowout show – not to be missed.

Gala Flamenco 12-16-18 8pm
• Special Guest Dancer: Maria Bermudez
• Dancers: Vanessa Albalos, Wendy Castellanos, Manuel Gutierrez
• Singer: José Cortes
• Guitar: Kai Narezo and Antonio Triana
• Percussion: Gerardo Morales

Gala Flamenca


Advisory: Due to the loud, percussive nature of this performance, it is not suitable for children. Thank you!