Forever Flamenco: Nochebuena en Triana



Forever Flamenco: Nochebuena en Triana

Directed by Antonio Triana
Produced by Deborah Lawlor
Starring Antonio Triana, Vanessa Albalos, Cristina Hall, Oscar Valero, Antonio de Jerez, Joey Heredia, Kai Narezo

Celebrate the holiday season the way our predecessors intended: with love, passion, and self expression. Flamenco is a pure and honest giving of the heart, untainted by consumerism or family dysfunction. Come ring in the season of giving with true and full generosity – the unabashed presentation of the soul.

This is going to be a really awesome show, 3(!) incredible dancers and an absolutely awesome band. Everyone in this lineup is a master, worthy of their own show in a huge house – and we get them all under our teensy little roof just a couple meters from your seat. This is what the Forever Flamenco series is all about.

Forever Flamenco: Nochebuena en Triana
Directed by Antonio Triana
12/18/16 8:00
Artistic Director/Guitarist: Antonio Triana
Dancer: Vanessa Albalos
Dancer: Christina Hall
Dancer: Oscar Valero
Singer: Antonio de Jerez
Cajon/Percussion: Joey Heredia
Guitar: Kai Narezo

About the Director:
Antonio Triana, son of the legendary Spanish dancer and choreographer, Antonio Triana I, was born into a prominent Flamenco family. The sounds of his guitar emanate from his inherent creative force and artistic nature. He first appeared in concert at the age of 12 in a program starring Placido Domingo. Largely self-taught, Antonio’s proud heritage has given him profound understanding and command of flamenco’s traditional rhythms. He has been featured as a soloist at the Getty Museum, the Luckman Theatre, the Lobero Theatre in Santa Barbara, the John Anson Ford Amphitheater, and was commissioned by the Santa Cecilia Orchestra to compose a guitar interlude for the Falla score of “El Amor Brujo.” He serves as a Flamenco Artistic Director for the Fountain Theatre, and has accompanied world-renowned Flamenco performers, including José Greco I, José Greco II, Antonio Granjero, La Tati, La Tania, Roberto Amaral, Maria Bermudez, Yaelisa, Juan Talavera, Jesús Montoya, and many others. Antonio Triana’s music is the purest expression of Flamenco, combining his own innovative arrangements with masterful technique and authenticity.