Forever Flamenco: Meditación Flamenca



Forever Flamenco: Meditación Flamenca

Directed by Wendy Castellanos
Produced by Deborah Culver
Starring Vanessa Albalos, Wendy Castellanos, Misuda Cohen, Gerardo Morales, Antonio de Jerez, Edgardo Monserrat, Antonio Triana, Scott Wolf

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Meditación Flamenca
Sunday, July 28 8pm.
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“Flamenco takes one directly to one’s own truth, to that place where one connects with one’s own being, with the present, with that which becomes the perfect expression of life.” 

From: Flamenlove by: Anali Alcantara
Excerpt from an interview with Iliana Sfeir
Translation: Wendy Castellanos

Meditación Flamenca is a journey through the practice of Flamenco cante, baile, toque, arte, as a form of meditation. To live the now so fully that a connection is made resulting in an exultant “Ole!”

Forever Flamenco: Meditación Flamenca brings our Flamenco program to new heights. Wendy Castellanos, in her Fountain directorial debut, has created a marvelous, multi-faceted Flamenco show that brings the performing arts, visual arts, and classic Flamenco arte together in ways previous unfathomable. Her daring vision – a Flamenco show that’s more than dance, more than song, more than everything and anything we’ve known the art to be creates a blinding synergistic synthesis that revitalizes the craft and brings new life to the form. This show will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before – a glimpse into the future of what Flamenco can be, will be, as the next generation of superstars take the helm.

Forever Flamenco: Meditación Flamenca
Sunday, July 28 8pm.
Director/Baile: Wendy Castellanos
Guitar: Antonio Triana
Cajon & Guitar: Gerardo Morales
Baile: Misuda Cohen
Baile: Vanessa Albalos
Cante: Antonio de Jerez
Visual/Performance Artist: Edgardo Monserrat

Forever Flamenco: Meditación Flamenca

About the Director:
Wendy is a versatile dancer and choreographer with Classical, Modern/Contemporary, Jazz, Flamenco and Latin Dance training. She is a graduate of UCLA’s Department of World Arts and Cultures where she studied dance and multi-disciplinary stage production. Wendy has also studied in Spain at the legendary Amor de Dios studio in Madrid and in the South of Spain in Sevilla and Granada.
Originally from Los Angeles, Wendy has performed in the most prominent venues in the city. From theater to the “Tablao,” Wendy regularly graced the stages of El Cid, Tapas and Cafe Sevilla, she has danced in the legendary Forever Flamenco series at The Fountain Theater, danced for Los Angeles Opera at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion between 2006-2019, choreographed and danced for Opera Santa Barbara for their 2016-2017 season, has been a Flamenco showgirl at the Flamingo Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, and toured with Flamenco Express aboard the Caribbean Princess.
She has professional experience in the arts as a performer, instructor, choreographer and arts administrator. Wendy currently teaches all throughout Ventura County and produces a Flamenco Music and Dance series called “Flamenco in the 805.”