Forever Flamenco feat. Gerardo Morales



Forever Flamenco feat. Gerardo Morales

Directed by Gerardo Morales
Produced by Deborah Lawlor
Starring Gerardo Morales, Antonio De Jerez, Gabriel Osuna, Mateo Amper, Briseyda Zarate, Mizuho Sato


I remember it like it was yesterday. Last May, Gerardo brought us one of the most incredible shows I’ve ever experienced. As I’m sure you’re aware, improvisation is a big part of the Flamenco arte – feeling the music, the dance, the energy and letting your body be a conduit for the emotion of the work. Something magical happened this show, you know it when you feel it – something caught, like a gear clicking into place and springing an infinitely complicated clockwork machine to life. That moment will live on, eternally preserved in perfect clarity until my death; and for that, I am eternally in Gerardo’s debt.

A young, dynamic, and unbelievably exciting musician, producer, and director it is my sincerest honor to present Gerardo Morales to you.

2-19-17 8:00
Gerardo Morales – Percussion / Guitar / Director
Antonio De Jerez – Singer
Gabriel Osuna – Guitar
Mateo Amper – Piano
Briseyda Zarate – Dancer
Mizuho Sato – Dancer

About the Artistic Director…

Gerardo Morales is a guitarist, percussionist, songwriter, and producer performing throughout the United States, Spain, and Latin America. He is an essential member of Encuentro Latino and LA’s Subsuelo (Calentura) and under his direction produces Flamenco and Latin influenced shows at The Fountain Theatre in Hollywood.

An East Los Angeles native, Gerardo was influenced from a young age by various styles of music, e.g Classical, Rancheras, 80’s music, Hip Hop, Rock n’ Roll, and etc.; and began to play guitar and the drum set at the age of 12. He began studying cajón with Peruvian cajónero Zarandonga and Latin percussion with Ricardo Tikki Pasillas. Moving on to explore the rhythms of Flamenco; it was his dedication and natural affinity for rhythm that soon lead him to perform in LA’s most noted venues with artists including Juan Talavera’s Men of Flamenco, Amador Rojas’ Mandela, Jesus Montoya, Manuel Gutierrez, Adam del monte, and Arte Flamenco Dance Company. He toured the U.S. with Niño and Isaac de los Reyes and was privileged to teach several master workshops for cajón at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, MA.

Gerardo’s passion for music goes beyond percussion; he is also a classical and Flamenco guitarist having studied at the Pasadena Conservatory of Music and the Conservatorio Profesional de Música Cristóbal de Morales in Sevilla, Spain. While in Spain, he studied with David Marin and accompanied famed flamenco dancer Juana Amaya

As a Pop Latin percussionist, Gerardo toured the U.S. with LA’s Burning Star and shared the stage with The Black Eyed Peas, Ozomatli, Christina Aguilera, and Kanye West. In 2012, he released his first album Morales.Lara’s Dreaming Awake. He has worked on films including Toy Story 3, Little Fockers, and Think Like a Man. Gerardo is one of the founding member of the band The Mighty Tears of Joy and is currently working with JME on his newest album.
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Forever Flamenco feat. Gerardo Morales