Forever Flamenco by Reyes Barrios



Forever Flamenco by Reyes Barrios

Directed by Reyes "La Reyes" Barrios
Produced by Deborah Culver
Starring Fanny Ara, Antonio Granjero, Reyes Barrios, Antonio Triana, Juan Moro, Antonio De Jerez, Gerardo Morales


La Reyes brings forth the verdant spring with a fantastic lineup; a mixture of Fountain favorites and rare faces. Joining this absolutely monster lineup for the first time in a long time are the legendary Antonio Granjero, last seen with us at the Ford over half a decade ago, and Juan Moro who was last on our stage in 2016, and only once. Fountain favorites who you of course instantly recognize from their headshots above is the radiant, soulful, and absolutely breathtaking Fanny Ara, the fantastic and awesome Gerardo Morales, the multi-talented Antonio De Jerez, the indomitable Antonio Triana, and Reyes herself. This is going to be a really phenomenal show.

Forever Flamenco by Reyes “La Reyes” Barrios
4-22-18 8pm @The Fountain Theatre
Dancers: Fanny Ara, Antonio Granjero, Reyes Barrios
Guitar: Antonio Triana & Juan Moro
Singer: Antonio De Jerez
Percussion: Gerardo Morales

Forever Flamenco by Reyes Barrios