Forever Flamenco by Manuel Gutierrez

Directed by Manuel Gutierrez
Produced by Deborah Culver & The Fountain Theatre
Starring Manuel Gutierrez, Andres Vadin, Jose Cortes, Vanessa Albalos, Claudia Flores, Marcela Aguayo, Ryan Rockmore, Jamie Alvarez, Vivian Bruckman


Ring in the new year with a brilliant new installment of Forever Flamenco. A new year, and new you, a new us, and a fresh lineup. Manuel is blowing the roof off our little theatre with a powerhouse lineup of some Fountain-favorite professional performers, along with a cadre of some of his very own wonderful, advanced Flamenco students. As the new year turns over and we become acutely aware of the unstoppable progress of linear time, we realize that there’s no better moment to celebrate the Flamenco superstars of tomorrow. See them now, see them here, and know that you were there and had the scoop before the hoi polloi even had a clue. Get in while the gettin’s good.

Forever Flamenco by Manuel Gutierrez
Sunday, January 12th 8pm
Manuel Gutierrez – Director / Dancer
Diego Alvarez – Percussion
Jose Cortés – Singer
Vanessa Albalos – Dancer
Andres Vadin – Guitar

Featured Student Dancers:
Claudia Flores
Marcela Aguayo
Ryan Rockmore
Jamie Alvarez
Vivian Bruckman

Forever Flamenco by Manuel Gutierrez