Forever Flamenco: Bailar es Sentir



Forever Flamenco: Bailar es Sentir

Directed by Manuel Gutierrez
Produced by Deborah Culver
Starring Carmen Ledesma, Manuel Gutierrez, Andres Vadin, Jose Cortes, Diego Alvarez


Bailar es Sentir
Friday, July 19 8pm
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The superstar returns after 5 years away from our humble theatre. Last time she joined us, she sold out two shows in two days, this time shouldn’t be much different. Carmen is no ordinary Flamenca, she is a world-wide superstar, a legend, a master of her craft and an idol to aspiring Flamencos and Flamencas the world over. Seeing a star this huge, this magnificent, on a stage as intimate as ours is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You’re not going to want to miss this show.

Carmen Ledesma Machito was born in Seville in 1956 and she trained as a Flamenco dancer with Enrique el Cojo no less. In 1983 at the Cordoba National Competition, she won the Juana La Macarrona prize and since then has worked with numerous artists such as Antonio Gades and El Lebrijano. She also took part in the “El Clan de los Pinini” show, which was led by the late Pedro Bacán. In recent times her solo career is still on the rise, which means that she is one of the artists appearing regularly on the festival circuit.

Forever Flamenco: Bailar es Sentir
Friday, July 19 8pm
Director / Dancer: Manuel Gutierrez
Guest Artist: Carmen Ledesma
Guitar: Andres Vadin
Singer: José Cortes
Percussion: Jose Alvarez

Forever Flamenco: Bailar es Sentir