Devised Theatre Lab

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Workshops in Theatre-Making: LA’s Young Voices Create New Works

What is Devised Theatre?

Devised theatre begins without a script and is created through the imaginative play of an ensemble.


In development for 2020 is an in-school arts education called Devised Theatre Lab (DTL). DTL seeks to provide LAUSD students and their teachers with access to forward thinking theatre-making. Devised Theatre Lab will engage youth who otherwise lack access to theatre arts education in myriad methods of grass-roots, low budget theater-making to inspire innovative thinking and imaginative play.

DTL will debut at the Fountain Theatre in its 2019 PILOT PROGRAM. More information below.

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Devised Theatre Lab seeks to challenge students’ assumptions about what it is to make a work of theatre by exposing young artists to diverse and surprising methods of theatre-making. Our purpose is to encourage the next generation of theatre makers to be innovative, forward thinking, and brave.


    1. Encourage ensemble building, creative experimentation, and risk-taking through collaborative, idea-driven exercises rather than staging an existing play.
    2. Incorporate technical theatre (tools such as lighting, costumes, sets, and sound) into the process of theatre-making with any budget.
    3. Create student theatre on students’ terms.
    4. Move fluidly between the blurring roles of performer, director, designer, playwright, and dramaturg.
    5. By the end of the workshop, every student will have participated in the creation of a new piece.