Who we are

The Fountain Theatre is a non-profit producing organization established in 1990 by co-Artistic Directors Deborah Lawlor and Stephen Sachs dedicated to providing a nurturing, creative home for multi-ethnic theatre and dance artists. Here we develop provocative new works or explore a unique vision of established plays that reflect the immediate concerns and cultural diversity of contemporary Los Angeles and the nation.

In an era of urban anxiety, ethnic hostility and wavering spirit, The Fountain offers a safe, supportive haven for a family of artists of varied backgrounds to gather, interact and inspire each other toward the creation of work that will ignite and illuminate the community from which it’s drawn and give creative voice to those who may not otherwise be heard.

Housed in a charming two-story complex in Hollywood, California, The Fountain has grown into one of the most successful of the smaller venues in the busy Los Angeles theatre world. With the addition of Producing Director Simon Levy and Associate Producer James Bennett, The Fountain Theatre has an artistic family with a wealth of experience that is quickly bringing the theatre’s work to the attention of larger and larger audiences.

The Fountain Theatre‘s activities include a year-round season of fully-produced new and established plays (30 world premieres and 38 U.S., West Coast, Southern California or Los Angeles premieres in 25 years, each reflecting a unique cultural voice and serving a distinctive ethnic community). We’re also the foremost presentors of Flamenco in Los Angeles; have a New Plays developmental series, Educational Outreach Programs, and national/international tours.

To date, Fountain Theatre productions have won more than 260 awards for all areas of production, performance, and design. And Fountain Theatre projects have been seen in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Seattle, Chicago, Florida, New Jersey, Minneapolis, London and Edinburgh, among other cities and countries.


Acosta                           Dominic

Addison                         Bernard

Alcaraz                          Lonnie

Alexander                     Hope

Alexander                     Korken

Alpert                             Aria

Amaral                          Roberto

Anderson                      Rico E.

Anderson                      Sam

Andrade                        Linda

Anova                            Erinn

Archuleta                      Jenn

Armani                          Nora

Arnell                             Lorenz

Arroyo                           Paco & Yolanda

Asher                             Joel

Austin                            Josephine

Axelrod                          Wendy

Babbin                           James

Ballard                           Gary & Brenda

Banks                             Verton R.

Bartlett                          Cal

Basile                             Lakshmi

Bates                              Alsan

Baucum                         Dorian Christian

Bayeza                          Ifa

Bayne                            Peter

Benitz                            John

Bent                               Chip

Berkowitz                     Dalit

Bermudez                     Maria

Bernstein                      Al

Bess                                Daniel

Biguenet                        John

Billet                               Daniel

Blaisdell                         Kerrie

Blanc                              JB

Blasor                             Denise

Blessing                         Lee

Blinkoff                          Daniel

Blow                               Peggy

Blumenfeld                  Alan

Bolden                           Keith Arthur

Booth                             Ken

Brayman                       Abra

Brenner                         Eve

Brooks                           Hindi

Brooks                           Sheilagh M.

Brown                            Georg Stanford

Brown                            Gilbert Glenn

Buck                               Eddie

Buderwitz                      Tom

Burke                             Carlease

Burke                             Leith

Burns                              Sandra

Butler                             Chris

Camblin                         Zina

Carlisle                           Misty

Caro                                Abigail

Carpenter                     Brian

Carpenter                     David

Cary                                Justin Chu

Casabani                       Marc

Cates                              Gilbert

Chaitoo                          Maleni

Chakarian                     Karine

Chavez                          Richard

Citrano                           Lenny

Cole                                Brian

Cooper-Kirby               Joyce

Cowen                           Kai

Cozzens                         Mimi

Craighead                     Robert

Critchlow                       Adam

Cummings                    Tim

Daniel                            Gregg

Danner                          Brian

Dantas                           Andrea

Danzinger                     Ken

De Cardenas                Martica

De Jerez                        Antonio

Deaver                           Seamus

Dedman                        Shannon

Del Monte                    Adam

Delafield                       Joe


Demeestere                 Sarah

Destro                           Pat

Dew                               Marty

Dohrn                            Zayd

Dooley                           Cheryl

Doucette                       Jeff

Doss                               Steve

Doughman                   Jia

Dowse                           Denise

Doyle                             Gillian

Dunlap                           Pamela

Durant                           Daniel

Durbin                            John

Dye                                 Cameron

Dymally                        Amentha

Eager                             Brenda Lee

Edwards                        Jennifer

Edwin                             Michael

Elam                               Matthew

Ellenson                        Joyce

England                         Mel

Epps                               Christian

Espiro                             Carolina

Evans                             Terry

Fay                                 Meagan

Finch                               Jennifer

Finney                           Shirley Jo

Foster                            David Carey

Foxworth                       Bo

Frances                          Elizabeth

Freeland Jr                   John

Freeman                       Loren

Fugard                           Athol

Galstyan                       Goar

Gardiner                        Rodney

Gardner                         Rodney

Gault                              Chuma

German                         Michael

Gersten                         Dennis

Giles                               Gregory G

Goldstein                      Jenette

Goodson                       Alan

Gottesman                   Yetta

Gottlieb                         Matthew

Gould                             Ian

Grant                              Maggie

Griego                            Vicente

Grissom                         Chet

Grubb                             Kerby Joe

Gunderson                   Lauren

Gutierrez                      Jacquelyn

Hackett                         Jeanie

Halsey                           Darcy

Hancock                        Matthew

Haney                            Anthony J.

Hardie                            Jim

Harper                          Elizabeth

Harper                          James

Hawkes                         Laura Fine

Hayes                            Lorey

Hellwig                          Ross

Henry                             Deidrie

Henson                          Taraji

Heredia                         Joey

Hernandez                   Carissa

Higgins                          Morlan

High                                Kevin

Hill                                   Julanne Chidi

Hill                                   Laura

Hiltermann                   Bob

Holden                           Jill

Holder                            Travis Michael

Horstein                        Scott

Huen                              Justin

Hurley                            William Dennis

Huss                               Adam

Hykush                          Jade

Jackson                         Andre

Jenkins                          Cindy

Jennings                        Juanita

Kadi                                Nicholas (Nameer El)

Kajese                            Tinashe

Kamps                           Jeremy J

Kandel                           Jack

Kaplan                           Ameenah

Karasev                         Jason

Karr                                 Elizabeth

Kartalian                       Buck

Kaufman                       Lynne

Keepers                         Benjamin

Kelley                             Nambi E.

Kelley                             Phillip

Kelly                               Jamal

Keolian                          Evelyn

Khaja                              Anna

Kilpatrick                       Diarra

Kleven                           Aaron

Knight                            William

Koehler                          Fred

Kollender                      Kirsten

Kondazian                    Karen

Kordijan                         Elna

Kotsur                            Troy

Krasner                          Mindy

Krieger                           Ed

Kyriacou                        Elissa

La Tania

Larsen                           Robin

LaVanchy                      Lindsay

Lavine                            Deborah

Lawlor                            Deborah

LaZebnik                       Ken

Lebano                          Christian

LeGrand                        Nathan

Lehrer                            Emily

Lennon                          Gary

Levin                              Jeremy

Lewandowski              Sherrie

Lewin                             Judi

Lewis                              Travis Gale

Lifford                           Tina

Lopez                             Jose

Lovensky                      Jean-Baptiste

Lowry                             Doug

Machado                      Eduardo

Madden                        Sharon

Mahaffey                     Mike

Malone                         Rose

Manukian                    Ludwig

Margolis                       Ethan

Marks                            Annika

Marling                         David B.

Marsh                            KC

Marshall                       Stephen

Martin                           Sandy

Massey                         Jennifer

Mastrangelo               Maximilian

McCraney                    Tarell Alvin

McGavock                   Elizabeth

McIntyre                     Marilyn

McLaughlin                  Jeff

McRae                           Donne

Mehlum                        Ipek

Merson                         Susan

Michaels                       Ryan (Rhino) Barry

Michetti                        Michael

Middendorf                 Tracy

Millais                           DeAnne

Miller                             Tene Carter

Missick                          Simone

Mitchel                          Delaina

Mitchell                         Amy

Mokrycki                      Heidi

Montoya                      Jesus

Morales                        Gerardo

Moreland                     Judy

Morris                            Iona

Morrow                         Edwin

Motley                          Shaun l.

Murtadha                     Noah

Nabori                           John

Nascimento                 Frederica

Nelson                          Dillon

Newalu                          Jack

Newcomb                     Virginia

Norris                           Graham

Ocampo                       Cihtli

O’Donohue                  Kathi

O’Hara                          Jenny

O’Hare                          Caitliin

O’Mahoney                  Stephen

Oh                                  Se Hyun

Ojo                                 Adenrele

Orlandersmith            Dael

Ortega                           Isabelle

Osorio                            Cristobol

Osuna                            Gabriel

Paolantonio                 Ray

Parker                            Jocelyn Hublau

Pasqualini                     Tony

Peach                             Maggie

Pelikan                          Lisa

Perkins                          Theodore

Pescia                             Lisa

Pine                                Robert

Pinkins                           Tonya

Pivnick                           Jeremy

Platt                               Victoria

Poindexter                    Jeris Lee

Poindexter                    Larry

Polis                               Joel

Pointer                          Priscilla

Posner                          Aaron

Presley                          Scott

Proetti                           Katie

Prosky                            John

Quinn                             Colleen

Raci                                 Paul

Ramsey                         David

Rankine                         Claudia

Rein                                Sierra

Rey                                 Armando

Richards                        Lisa

Richardson                   Don

Rios                                 Paloma

Ripard                            Sarah

Roberts                          Scott

Roberts                          Terri

Robinson                       Maya Lynne

Rodgers                         Michael E.

Rodriguez                     Diane

Roland                           George

Romo                             Diana

Rosenthal                     Marc

Rosten                           Janet

Sachs                             Stephen

Safier                             Alan

Sanders                         Naila Aladdin

Saracho                         Tanya

Sato                                Mizuho

Savage                          Susan

Scarry                            Rick

Schellhardt                   Mary Kate

Schenkkan                    Robert

Schoenberg                   Jeffrey

Schub                             Steven

Schultz                           Jacqueline

Schultz                           Kathleen McConaughy

Schwartz                       Stephanie Kerley

Scott                               Esther

Scott                               Judith

Secrest                          Nakia

Seiple                             Tyler

Shahinyan                    Natalie

Shahrik                         Anahid

Shaked                          Dan

Shields                          Jessaica

Siedman                       Scott

Silcott                            Thomas

Silvi                                 Lauren

Simpson                        Archie Lee

Solomon                        Philip

Sonderling                    Larry

Speakes                        Bernadette

Spirlin                          Camille

Spoke                            Suanne

Steiner                          Riley

Stenshoel                     Peter

Stern                             Shoshannah

Stewart                         Miranda

Strapp                           Joanna

Talavera                       Juan

Tanabe                          Roy

Tanaka                          Jose

Tarbuck                        Barbara

Taylor                           Timothy

Teeter                            Jeff

Thoms                           Tracie

Thornton                      Cooper

Throne                          Marjorie

Tichnell                        Brian

Tomita                          Tamlyn

Treadwell                     Caroline

Triana                            Tony

Trotter                           Pam

Tuomey                        Scott

Ullett                             Nick

Varela                            Sabina Zuniga


Voragen                        Shawna

Walla                             Abby

Ward                             Adolphus

Warren                          Victor

Watson                         Cameron

Weinraub                     Bernard

Wesley                          John

White                            Karen Malina

Wilder                           Susan

Winters                         Time

Witzke                           Jeff

Woods                           Ben

Woods                           Dana Rebecca

Woolerton                    Alicia

Woolery                        Laurie

Wright                           Cortney

Yu                                    Ryun

Zalewski                        John

Zarate                            Briseyda

Ziegler                           Anna

Zimmerman                Ric