Playwright Submissions

Submission Guildlines for Playwrights

The Fountain Theatre is a professional not-for-profit theatre
located in Hollywood, California, operating under the Actors’
Equity 99-Seat Theatre Contract. Seating capacity is 78.

Specific guidelines:

  • Agent submissions only (or via an artistic director or literary manager.)
  • No unsolicited scripts or queries.
  • Response Time is ~1 month for queries; 3 months for script.
  • Approx. 200 new scripts, and 300 queries are read annually. 3-10 get private staged readings. 1-3 may be produced.
  • Standard Dramatists Guild contract.
  • We are particularly interested in works that challenge preconceptions and stereotypes; plays that deal with important ethnic, political or social issues; lyrical, poetic works; use of dance and music.

We are not interested in short one-act plays, romantic comedies or standard family dramas, farces, dark comedies without heart, theatre for children or young adults, or musicals. Please review our producing history for a sense of our “brand.”

  • 10 or less cast members preferred.
  • The Fountain Theatre is a 32’x16′ small semi-thrust with a 9′ ceiling. Please be aware of these limitations when considering to submit.

Electronic Submission:

The Fountain Theatre
5060 Fountain Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90029