Theatre is all about life, on and off the stage. Here, we explore how our art has touched the lives of our actors, designers, members, patrons, and friends.

Off Stage
Fountain Family Members
Mike Sullivan and Chris Hinex

Throughout our seventeen-year relationship (as of July 2013 a married one!), we’ve enjoyed many fine theatrical productions. Seeking a fresh experience about five years ago, we happened upon The Fountain Theatre and, after seeing our first play there, became subscribers. This theatre never disappoints. We’ve been educated and entertained by every production. The writing and acting are consistently top-notch. The intimate setting and the very friendly staff make every visit worthwhile. Attending The Fountain is one of the few reasons we’ll brave the traffic from OC to LA! Long live The Fountain Theatre! – Mike Sullivan and Chris Hinex

On Stage
The Normal Heart Lead
Tim Cummings

Participating in The Normal Heart at The Fountain has been electrifying, exemplifying not only the power of good theatre, but its overall purpose. This has been a service job for me. This is not a performance. It may not even be acting, as it feels more like quantum-leaping: one foot in the NYC world of the play; one foot on an intimate stage in LA. I feel like a detective visiting the scene of a crime, gathering clues, forcing people to look at the truth. Anne Bogart said, “If theatre were a verb, it would be to remember.” Certainly, Larry Kramer’s play helps us to do that, yet it also educates, conjoins, and catharsizes. To receive confessionary letters from strangers that say, ‘I lost my father to AIDS when I was a little kid and I felt like I was never allowed to feel the way I really wanted to feel, but after watching all of your passion, emotion, and anger on that stage as Ned Weeks, I am finally feeling, thanks to you, everything I never allowed myself to feel’ makes me feel proud to be a part of this production, so lovingly executed by all the exemplary artists at The Fountain.