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Central to our mission is providing youth throughout our socio-economically diverse region with an equal access experience in the arts; one that encourages understanding and mutual respect. Theatre as a Learning Tool brings underserved students from across Southern California — many of whom have never been to an intimate theatre — to The Fountain Theatre to experience live theater at one of Los Angeles’ premiere venues. Known for producing work that is both artistically excellent and dedicated to strengthening attitudes of tolerance and social justice, The Fountain provides young people with a uniquely intimate educational experience. Here, by watching a play, studying the script and accompanying study guide, and engaging in a post-show discussion with the artists, students can share their thoughts and feelings with one another, their teachers and professional theatre artists in meaningful dialogue about issues that matter.

The benefits of early exposure to the arts have been well documented, and theatre specifically has been shown to be highly effective in improving English Language proficiency, and in developing constructive conflict resolution and critical thinking skills. These benefits become that much more accessible in an intimate environment like The Fountain Theatre. With arts education budgets at all-time lows, programs like this have never been more important.


At The Fountain Theatre, we believe in the transformative power of live, intimate theatre. The intimacy of our space allows our actors to forge powerful connections with the audience. Every show provides specific opportunities for learning, interaction and growth. Lessons taught through shared feelings are lessons learned. This is why we do what we do. We believe these experiences help young people from all backgrounds understand one another and become better equipped to make a positive difference in their communities and in the world.


  • CURRICULUM & STUDY GUIDES: Our creative team, in concert with educators, develops curriculum guides for each production, supporting classroom teachers and deepening the educational experience.
  • GROUP RATES: We are dedicated to making live theatre affordable for young people from diverse, underserved communities. To schedule a class visit, please contact our Box Office. We will work with you to find a group rate that fits your budget.
  • TEACHER SUBSCRIPTIONS: The Fountain Theatre offers a reduced subscription rate for full time secondary teachers in California.
  • ENGAGEMENT: Live theatre brings audience and actor together and this engagement continues after the curtain drops. Every class visit includes a post-show discussion with our cast and creative team. Students have an opportunity to ask questions, express their views and gain insight into the creative process from professional theatre artists.


“The performance of The Brothers Size was one of the most incredibly, intimate experiences I’ve had as an audience member. The story of these three brothers on paper is one thing to behold, but seeing it in the flesh was incredibly moving. The Fountain Theatre’s production placed the audience in such a way that while sitting in the front row, one could easily reach out and touch them. This as well as the actors breaking the fourth wall provided opportunities for a deeper audience/character connection.”

“You were basically eye-level with the actors, which was unbelievable. The stage was a small space to work with, but made the essence so much more real for me as a part of the audience. When voices were raised I got goose bumps and the hair on my back rose, which was shocking to me and made me feel a bit awkward. But when tears started rolling down one of the actors’ cheeks, you could see it clearly gleaming in the light. This moved me and made the play so real for me; I felt like I was a part of it, like I was there feeling everything Asher was.”

“I was completely lost in a different world and truly feeling the raw emotions portrayed on stage thanks to an intimate theatre and exquisite actors. . . . ‘In the Red and Brown Water’ leaves the audience questioning and interpreting. Which is the reason why people create or look at art in the first place.”

“The play moved me because, like most girls my age, I struggle with insecurities and feeling different than anyone else, and it was empowering.… I would definitely tell other people to see the play, especially younger people who haven’t accepted who they are yet, because it will change people’s views on not only the deaf community, but their views about themselves and inspire them to overcome any challenges in their lives.”

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Actor Tim Cummings speaking with a student at a post-show discussion.